Online Billing

Save money and collect payments faster with Apex’s proprietary online billing technology, mySecureBill®. Give your customers the option to receive e-Statements (electronic delivery) and pay their bills online.


A fully branded online billing portal that can be configured to provide any, or all, of the following features to your customers:

Electronic Delivery

Customers can elect to receive statements and other documents electronically (e-Statements) by creating an account on custom-branded mySecureBill® site.   Cancellation of electronic delivery can be done by the end user (your customer) at any time and dual delivery, of paper and electronic documents, is also available if desired.

Online Payment

Whether receiving paper statements or electronic statements via mySecureBill®, your customers can pay their bills on mySecureBill® with a credit card or electronic check. Check out our statistical fact sheet that proves payments are collected faster when made online.

Statement and Payment History

Customers enrolled in e-Statements have access to e-Statement and/or e-Payment history which will directly reduce the amount of inbound billing calls.

Activity Reports

Online payment transactions and e-Statement enrollment rates are directly reported back to the associated myEasyView® site so that adoption rates can be conveniently monitored to ensure a maximized ROI.

To further maximize adoption rates and payments made online, Apex’s Design Studio will work with you to develop a marketing campaign directing customers to mySecureBill® and promoting e-Statements and e-Payments.

  • Collect more payments
  • Collect payments faster
  • Reduce call volume
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase revenue cycle


As innovators, we continually add new features and functionality to our technology solutions on a scheduled basis!



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