Statement Design

Statement composition is vital to the collection process. It is proven that consumers are more likely to pay a bill, and pay on time, if they fully understand the information presented.

  • Who sent the bill
  • What the charges are for
  • The total balance due
  • The due date
  • Payment options
  • Where to remit payment
Apex Information Technologies’ mySmartDesign℠ service creates branded and highly effective statement designs based on industry-leading and tested best practices that are tailored to drive payments. Design tactics built into mySmartDesign have been analyzed with state-of-the-art heat map technology to ensure each design output successfully highlights the most important pieces of billing information. mySmartDesign can help healthcare providers better influence payment behavior from their patients, through variable design rules. Advertisement and message changes can be configured according to: statement cycle, amount due, demographics, etc.
We Also Specialize In
  • Invoices
  • Checks
  • Letters
  • Tax Documents
  • Insurance Documents/ID cards


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